The aim of our research is to study the structure of exotic nuclei whose proton and neutron numbers are very different to those found in stable nuclei, and to study nuclei with extremely high angular momentum. In this way valuable information can be gathered on the description of the atomic nucleus using many-body quantum theory. Our knowledge on this theory is mainly obtained from nuclei close to the line of stability and extrapolations into the unknown regions of the nuclear chart often fail, partly due to the wrong choice of parameters, and partly for more fundamental reasons. Usually this research is carried out in collaboration with physicists from Europe and/or North America, with most of the Group's activities being pursued at overseas laboratories, especially in France, Germany and Switzerland. The research is underpinned by the investigations carried out by students as part of their PhD under the guidance of their supervisor. The Group has always benefited from wide and very fruitful international collaborations.

University of Sofia