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Personal web page of Prof. Roumen Tsenov, D.Sci.

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Roumen Tsenov - CV                             Dubna_crop


University (1975-80): Master degree in Physics from the University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics, with specialisation in Nuclear and Particle Physics

Short schools: CERN-JINR School on Physics (1981, Hanko, Finland); ICFA School on Instrumentation in High Energy Physics (1987, Trieste, Italy); CERN-JINR School on Physics (1987, Varna, Bulgaria)

Ph.D. (1981-86): Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia)

Title of the Thesis: Design and construction of multi-channel total absorption lead glass Cherenkov detector and investigation of η-mesons inclusive production in interactions of pions and kaons with hadrons and nuclei at 10.5 GeV.

Dr. Sci. (2010): St. Kl. Ohridski University of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Title of the Dissertation: A search for neutrino oscillations and measurements of neutrino interaction properties within the CHORUS experiment.


•1980-86: Researcher in JINR (on leave from the University of Sofia) with the HYPERON Collaboration (measurements of soft hadron processes in the quark confinement energy region);

Awards: First prize for year 1987 in annual JINR competition for young workers´ achievements; First prize for year 1990 in main JINR competition for scientific achievements.

• 1993 - 2008: member of the GEM/HIRES Collaboration for medium energy physics experiments at the Cooled Synchrotron COSY in FZ-Juelich - regular visits to Forschungszentrum-Juelich.

• 1994 - 99: on site participation in the CHORUS experiment for neutrino oscillation search at CERN SPS ( );

• 1999 - 2000: Scientific associate at CERN for 1 year – in Experimental Physics Division;

• 2000 - 2010: HARP experiment at CERN Proton Synchrotron to measure pion and kaon production properties at 3-15 GeV incident beam energy for future Neutrino Factory (; project leader of the Resistive plate chambers calibration and performance evaluation group.

• Since June 2005: leader of the Bulgarian participation in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) at ISIS, Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory in UK (;

• Since 2008: Participation in the International Design Study for Neutrino Factory IDS-NF (;

• Member of the NA61/SHINE ( ), SHiP ( and LBNO-DEMO ( collaborations at CERN and of the JEM-EUSO collaboration (

I have coordinated specific activities in the following internationally funded projects:

·       Joint Swiss-Bulgarian Project in Neutrino Physics (BUCHNEU) with the Swiss national Science Fund (2005-2008);

·       Modernization of Education in Nuclear and Particle Physics - Swiss-Bulgarian Partnership (BUCHEDU) with the Swiss national Science Fund (2005-2008);

·       A High Intensity Oscillation Facility in Europe (EUROν) with the EC - FP7 (Grant Agreement 212372,  2009-2012);

·       Advanced Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators (AIDA) with the EC - FP7 (Grant Agreement 262025, 2011-2014)


Staff member of the Faculty of Physics in the University of Sofia since 1981 as follows: Researcher (1981-87); Senior Assistant Professor (1987-90); Head Assistant Professor (1990-95); Associate Professor (1995-2011); Full Professor (since 2011); Head of the Department of Atomic Physics (October 2003 – October 2007).

Academic duties

Lectures and seminars on Particle Physics for undergraduate and graduate students; lectures and laboratory sessions on Atomic and Nuclear Physics for undergraduate students; supervising Bachelor and Master degree diploma students and doctoral students.

Member of the Advisory Committee to the Bulgarian plenipotentiary for cooperation with JINR, Dubna.

Member of the Advisory Committee to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science for cooperation with CERN.

Independent expert to the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission ( since 2007.


Particle detectors (design, constructing, calibration, maintenance): scintillation and calorimetric devices, coordinate measurements using proportional and drift chambers, and TPC as well;

Extensive experience in developing, modifying, maintaining and using large program codes in FORTRAN, C, C++ for simulation and off-line analysis of data taken by large detector systems.

Good knowledge and use of program packages like ZEBRA, HBOOK, PAW, GEANT, CVS, CMT, GAUDI, MySQL etc. Experience with all flavours of UNIX operating systems;

Data processing, calibration and physics analysis of complex measurements.


More than 200 scientific papers cited more than 2700 times (according to  database).



Department of Atomic Physics,

Faculty of Physics,

St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia

5 James Bourchier Blvd, Sofia 1164, Bulgaria







Campus Lozenets, Bldg. B, office 49a.

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