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Atomic physics department

last modified 23 юни 2020, 13:26

University of Sofia

Faculty of physics

Atomic physics department

5 James Bourchier Blvd.

1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

tel:(02) 8161264 fax:(02) 8622546

The atomic physics department  provides the bachelors an excellent  foundation in physics with the following courses  : 

  • Atomic physics and interaction of ionizing radiation with matter
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Laboratory courses of nuclear and elementary particle physics.

This is part of the General Physics Curriculum for all students in the physics faculty.

Additionally, the department offers  specialized courses at masters and bachelors levels in particle physics, experimental nuclear physics, atomic nucleus structure and nuclear spectroscopy, dosimetry, radiation protection, radioecology, application of Monte Karlo methods in the investigation of physics models, nuclear electronics, Mössbauer spectroscopy, biophysics and medical phyhsics. The list of the courses and programes can be find in syllabuses and curriculums.

These courses form the bachelors "paths" for specialization in :

  • Nuclear physics
  • Elementary particle physics
  • Dosimetry and radiation protection
  • Computational physics
  • Medical physics

Details for these paths can be find here.

The department contributes significantly to the Master program of Nuclear and elementary particle physics, the Master Programme of Medical Physics and others.

Our research activities cover the above physics  fields and more.  For complete information please see  Research groups.

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